Suzuki Samurai / Sierra 1600 Oil Pickup Adaptor Bush
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Our new oil pickup adaptor bush is a custom made rubber bush designed to make life easier when swapping the oil pickup pipes during a 1600 engine conversion in a Samurai or Sierra.

When doing the 1.6 engine conversion, the 1.3 oil pickup has to be fitted to the 1.6 block and normally this involves cutting and welding the two pickups together so that the 1.3 pickup matches the bigger hole in the 1.6 block.  This can be tricky if you don’t have a welder and if not done carefully can lead to air leaks and the oil pump sucking air resulting in engine damage.

This bush eliminates the need to cut and shut the two pickups together and simplifies the conversion.

The pickup still needs some modification – the mounting bolt hole needs slotting slightly and the mounting bracket needs either shortening and a new hole drilled in the bearing cap or the bracket moved along the pickup to match the 1600 mounting hole, but this bush eliminates the most difficult part.


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