Suzuki Vitara Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit - Early Axle
Suzuki Vitara Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit - Early Axle
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This is a completely bolt-on disc brake conversion for a Vitara, with in-built hand brake.

This kit suits earlier Vitaras where the wheel studs are in the brake drum - approximately pre 94.

It uses standard Suzuki front brake rotors, and common brake calipers from an 89-92 E33 (HG-HH in Australia) Mitsubishi Galant, which include a handbrake in the caliper and are sized correctly to work without an additional proportioning valve.

The kit connects the stock Suzuki handbrake cable to the caliper with no modifications to the cable required.

The kit contains:

Caliper mounting brackets
Disc mounting adaptors
Replacement caliper handbrake quadrants
Handbrake cable brackets
Brake hose brackets & clips
Handbrake cable mounting hardware
Longer wheel studs
All required mounting bolts
Brake hard lines pre-flared with nuts.
3-way T piece

The only parts required are:

Mitsubishi Galant calipers and brake hoses
Suzuki brake discs
Brake fluid. 
Silicone sealer / gasket maker

Can be installed with simple hand tools in a few hours.

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