Suzuki Samurai / Sierra to Vitara Power Steering Kit
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This kit is designed to fit Suzuki Vitara / Escudo power steering to a Suzuki Samurai, Sierra or SJ413 using a machined wedge to align the steering box with the steering column.

The box is mounted as far forward as possible (+20mm) to give room to move the axle forward without the steering drag link and tie rod rubbing on each other. Great for RUF spring conversions or when moving the front axle forwards to fit bigger tyres. 

The kit includes: 

CAD designed, CNC machined wedge adaptor 
Laser cut pump adaptor bracket to mount the Vitara power steering pump to the block 
Spacer to move the radiator mounting bracket to clear the steering box. 
All required high tensile fasteners 
Installation instructions 

You just need to get the following parts from a Vitara: 

Power steering box with pitman arm 
Power steering pump 
Factory power steering pump mounting bracket 
Hoses and reservoir. 

Installation also requires a collapsible steering shaft, which is found on later model Sierras / Samurais, and multi-rib pulleys from a 1600 Vitara motor (or a 1600 engine conversion!)

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