Suzuki Jimny and Vitara Wheel Bearing / Spindle Lock Nut Tool
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This tool is designed to loosen the special wheel bearing lock nut found in the front of Suzuki Jimnys and Suzuki Vitaras.  Our unique new design first both Jimnys and Vitaras as well as SJ80 coil sprung Sierras & Samurais. 

It will also fit Grand Vitaras up to 2004 as well as Suzuki Sidekicks and Geo Trackers from the USA.

The tool is precision CNC machined and then zinc electroplated for corrosion resistance.  The drive pins are hardened and ground pins inserted into the tool body – stronger than anything else on the market.

It features a 19mm (3/4”) hex to drive the tool using a standard 19mm or ¾” socket on a breaker bar or air impact wrench.

The wheel bearing lock nut is tightened to 220 Nm (160 lb-ft) from the factory, and is extremely tight and difficult to remove without the correct tool.  It is also important that the lock nut is re-tightened to the correct torque to ensure proper bearing life.  This tool fits perfectly and makes the job easy.

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